Monkey trail


Granny Creeney has kindly knitted 110 monkeys to sell to raise funds for the children and schools in Nepal, so on Wednesday 13th March we will have a sale at break time and after school. The monkeys are £2.50 so you might like to put money in an envelope for younger children.

On Wednesday 20th March we will welcome 20 of the Nepalese choir to our school. It would be lovely to give each of these children a monkey as a memento of their visit. If you would like to purchase an extra monkey for a visitor, we will put it to one side and your child will be able to write a message from your family for the label.

On Wednesday 13th we will also be having a monkey trail at lunchtime (50p) per entry and a joke competition (20p per joke). All money raised will go towards providing a fantastic experience for the visiting children.

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