Year Three and Four

Our Class teachers are Miss Ellis and Mrs Mitchell

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Holder (TA) and Mrs Ashton (HLTA)


Due to the latest government guidance surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, North Rigton School will be closed to all except ‘key workers’ children from Monday 23rd March 2020. In order to support families at home, we will be supplying our children with ‘Home Learning Grids’ whilst school is closed. These will provide our children with learning opportunities in Maths, English and Wellbeing. Grids can be accessed below and will also be emailed out for your information. These will be updated and additional grids uploaded accordingly.

You will also find below a list of useful websites which can be accessed to support learning at home. These have been broken down into Maths and English sections for your information.

Please click on the link below to access wellbeing support for the whole family during the school closure:

Wellbeing Support for North Rigton Families

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this immensely difficult time.

Wishing all our Busy Bees children and families the very best.

Miss Ellis and Mrs Mitchell

North Rigton Home Learning Letter

Busy Bees Class Useful Websites

Weeks 1 and 2 – 23rd March to 3rd April

Busy Bees English Home Learning grid

Year 3 Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid

Year 4 Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid

Busy Bees Well Being Home Learning Grid

Weeks 3 and 4 – 6th April to 17th April

Busy Bees Home Learning Grid Easter Special

Weeks 5 and 6 – 20th April to 1st May

Busy Bees English Home Learning Grid 3

Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid 3

Busy Bees Well Being Home Learning Grid 3

Weeks 7 and 8 – 4th May to 15th May

Busy Bees English Home Learning Grid 4

Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid 4

Busy Bees Well Being Home Learning Grid 4

Weeks 9 and 10 – 18th May to 29th May

Busy Bees English Home Learning grid 5

Busy Bees Maths Home Learning grid 5

Busy Bees Well Being and We are Explorers Home Learning grid 5

School Week 1 2nd June

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y3 Wk1

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y4 Wk1

School Week 2 9th June

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y3 Wk2

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y4 Wk2

School Week 3 16th June

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y3 Wk3

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y4 Wk3

School Week 4 23rd June

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y3 Wk4

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y4 Wk4

School Week 5 30th June

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y3 Wk5

Learning Grids and Opportunities Y4 Wk 5

All our class have been working really hard at home. Have a look at what each of you have been doing:

Monday 15th June

Freya M enjoyed a visit to Hadrian’s wall – Hebbon-on-the-wall which has 100 m of the original 3m deep wall.

Dexter has been enjoying learning about the wall, cycling and gardening.

Friday 12th June

Lots more great Writing and Maths this week pretending to be a Roman Soldier and more Iron Man writing too! Great Soldier and mindfulness work too! Well done everyone. 
it Letter of a Roman soldier           To my family (1)                   FreyaLromandiary
Dinky Dog               diary of a soldier

Friday 5th June

Some wonderful pieces of writing this week from Eliza, Freya L, Isobel, Imogen, Dan, Archie and Georgia! Great work everyone! 

I-Lollipop-town           The-Corrupters-GA             clocktowerendingF (1)

i the-naughty-lollipop-man-1             The Clocktower e

Freya has made a hug for you all and compared a Celt with a Roman.
Isobel has been enjoying her week outdoors with her family and doing lots of learning too! 

Thursday 4th June

Isaac has been learning about Hadrian’s Wall and made a Powerpoint.romans and wall
Imogen has been helping her baby sister to crawl and learning about the Counties of England and where Hadrian’s Wall is.

Dan has been investigating the burrows of the rabbits living in his garden and made a pitfall trap!

Tuesday 2nd June

Tomas has made his final Roman Powerpoint. It is full of fantastic facts! Roman knowledge part 3

Monday 1st June

Eli has made a ‘Bee Safe’ Scarecrow – keep an eye for it!

Monday 25th May

Imogen has been completing her photography badge for Brownies. I really like the mushroom photograph.

Saturday 23rd May

Imogen has announced the arrival of Colin Number 1!

Friday 22nd May

Bradley has been helping out on the farm, watching the development of blackbird eggs and writing about blue tits.

Eve sent a ‘Get Well Soon’ card to Boris Johnson and received a letter from him today saying thank you!

Thursday 21st May

Tomas has been learning even more about the Romans!!!!!ROMAN KNOWLEDGE (part two)
Eli enjoying spending time down at the yard with the animals and he invented a frog game. 
Isaac has been searching for Pokemons in the woods!

Wednesday 20th May

Olivia has made an amazing bug hotel!

Tuesday 19th May

Isaac has made a shield and a sword!
Sophia has been baking a cake for her big Sister!
Eli has made a ‘surrealist’ cat!

Isobel has been doing artwork, baking, walking in Riffa Woods and writing a non-chronological report about Sumdog!
Freya has made a huge timeline of the Romans! Great work!
Congratulations Harper  for getting 3rd place in her virtual gymnastic competition. She has also been learning to tell the time, helping her Dad  build an office and dying her hair blue!

Friday 15th May

Dan has found a slow worm and has started digging a pond in his garden!
Freya has been practising her flute during lockdown. Listen to this amazing song. Does this inspire you to practise yours? Video (9)

Thursday 14th May

Tomas has been learning about the Romans and have presented his information in a PowerPoint.Roman knowledge part one
Isaac practising his CPR and first aid on Eric!
Use Dan’s poster to help you learn your Roman Numerals. Can you work out your birth date too. Dan Roman numerals
Eli has been exploring different types of art work and has made some Surrealist and Aboriginal Art.

Tuesday 12th May

Imogen has been learning about Cubism in Art.
Eli has been learning all about the Romans. He found out that Radishes were brought Britain by the Romans!

Monday 11th May

Can anyone decipher Georgia’s morse code joke – let me know if you work it out!Georgias Morse Code
Archie made an interesting powerpoint about VE day and his Grandad.VE DAY (1)
Imogen decorated her house and made scones for VE day

Isaac has released his butterflies!

Monday 4th May

Lovely to see Annabelle enjoying spending time with her sister.
Imogen has been working hard to produce a booklet about foxes. Foxes
Tomas has been learning about Hadrian’s wall and made a great powerpoint about it. Take a look. HADRIANS WALL
Sophia has been writing funny sentences.

Isaac has already made a start on learning his Roman Numerals and learning about Roman Invasions.


Friday 1st May

Here were some photographs and videos of suggested ways to teach times tables to support my list on my email. Video (4) Video (5) FVideo FVideo_1

Eli has made model birds and a scene for them to stand in.

Thursday 30th April

Isaac’s butterfly has hatched and he is feeding it orange.

Freya has been enjoying baking some sultana and apricot muffins with her sister. Great Koinonia!

Wednesday 29th April

Beatrix has been extremely busy! She has written an interesting piece of work about the Great Barrier Reef.

Video (9)

Freya has been learning more exciting things in Science. She has learnt about density of liquids to make a rainbow and found out what happens when you mix all the colours together. Video_1 Video
Sophia has written a rhyming poem about Captain Tom Moore and lockdown. Another superb poet!
Tomas has taken lots of stunning photographs of the village. For those missing North Rigton check out his video. He using these photographs as part of his cub scout challenge. Great Photography!

Tuesday 28th April

Dexter has done an amazing piece of work about the NHS – it is worth a read – I’m hoping you can zoom in! He has facetimed his Auntie and Uncle about when they worked in the NHS and then emailed a nurse who is working in the hospitals at the moment. Great work!

Isaac has written a diary from the point of view of a cat travelling through space!
Imogen has made a card to send to Captain Tom Moore and she has been watching her caterpillars hatch (Welcome Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin and Colin to the world!)

Monday 27th April

Harper has been super busy – she has cleaned her trampoline and been practising a gymnastics routine for a virtual gymnastics competition on it, she has rescued a baby bird, played badminton with her Dad in her garden, been donating her toys to her neighbours, baking for her Grandma, writing a lovely letter to wish Captain Tom Moore a Happy Birthday and wrote a letter to me to tell me all about it! Dear Captain Tom Moore

Harley has written a very moving poem about the Coronavirus. He has used a superb repetitive structure to help the poem flow.

Kendall’s chicks have hatched! So cute !

Friday 24th April

Freya L has been learning about angles whilst drawing a beautiful piece of chalk artwork on the ground.
Eve has been planning her next holiday to Centre Parcs. She has costed it all out and then answered mathematical questions about it.
Georgia has been starting to learn about the Romans and put all her information together in a Roman Powerpoint. ROMAN GODS
Dan has been super busy doing Maths, Spelling, English, learning about Explorers, growing vegetables, building a water park and gaining lots of cub scout badges  – the photograph of the butterfly was for his photography badge.
  Isaac is blossoming with his poetry – he will have written a whole book by the end of lockdown! 

Thursday 23rd April

Isaac has written a wonderful poem about Legoland. He has used great repetitive structure to show his emotions.  
Freya M has been eggxpertly eggxplaining some Egg Science today!

Wednesday 22nd April

Bradley has been caring for his new pet lamb – Henry. He has to help feed it each day.
Even without any water, Tomas is learning how to sail his boat with his sister and Dad. Great Koinonia!

Eggcellent Entertainers competition

These are our Eggcellent Entries! Well done to Bradley, Freya M, Georgia, Isobel, Sophia, Tabitha, Dan and Tomas for taking part.  They are all fantastic!


Our winners were:

Mrs Holder  chose Georgia’s Eggliens for ‘entertaining’ the people in the space rocket.

Miss Ellis chose Bradley’s sheep ‘Hetty’ with her lamb ‘Tommy’ – the lambs are certainly entertaining people on their daily walks.

Mrs Mitchell chose Tomas’ Bart who entertains people on the Simpsons every day. 

Tuesday 21st April

WOW – Tomas has been designing and making a ‘lockdown project’ – check it out to see what he made with his Dad! Tomas Ecosystem lockdown project
Dan has built an amazing den in his back garden. He has also been taking part in an egg challenge. He needed to design a parachute that would drop his egg to the ground safely without being smashed. And he did it…well done! 

Monday 20th April

Tomas has really impressed me as he has taken his chapter he wrote at school (when we were reading the Iron Man) and edited it two times to improve the language and sentence structure. He has persevered to write a very descriptive chapter of what happened to his ‘Copper Android’. Great work!
The Copper Android Para 1 version 2 (1) 
Isaac has designed a new invention to clone cats. The cat goes through the circle and all the lights have to go green for the cloning to work properly.

Eve has had an ingenious idea and turned an Easter box into a popcorn box. She then made butterscotch popcorn to go in whilst her family watched a movie. A great way to recycle!
Before       After 
Sophia has been busy learning her times tables, learning how to make guacamole, painting a mushroom for her garden and planting herbs!

Friday 17th April

Dexter has been learning about the Vikings at home and wrote a really interesting Presentation about them. Click on this link to read it.
Isaac has been growing Caterpillars. He says that they are starting to cocoon before they then emerge into butterflies. 

Wednesday 15th April

Georgia has found her Dad’s guitar in the loft and is teaching herself how to play it using an app. Keep practising!

Monday 13th April

Sophia has been having a lovely Easter holiday; baking a cake and bread, cooking Broccoli and Stilton Soup, decorating trees, swinging on rope swings and making a HUGE thank you decorated stone for her postman. IMG_4643

Tabitha and her family have been enjoying their Easter holidays together doing lots of ‘eggciting’ things. Great Koinonia shown with her brother finding all the eggs on their Easter Hunt.  IMG_0257

Friday 10th April

Georgia has been busy learning about how people in other countries celebrate Easter. 

Thursday 9th April

Darcy has written a wonderful story about changing places with her Mum. She has used speaking really well to move the story on. Great work. Darcy’s story Changing places
Dexter has been doing some amazing work at home over the past few weeks and having a wonderful time at the same time. Check out his Mummy’s clever ideas to teach the X tables. All you need to do is eat lots of tins of beans and grab those nerf guns everyone!


Monday 6th April

Georgia has made an amazing rocket out of recycled bottles and cans. Check out the flames too! Can you guess what she made it out of ?
Annabelle has written a lovely story. I am looking forward to reading it when we go back to school. Video (1)

Friday 3rd April

Freya L has been busy learning Maths, singing with her brother, teaching her sister Maths, making Jam, finding Sophia’s and Dan’s stones, helping with the housework and doing lots of exercise.

Freya M has been practising her alliteration. This picture will make you feel fantastic and fabulous!
Harper wrote me a lovely letter telling me about all the wonderful things she has been doing. She has been learning time, drawing rainbows and have transformed an area of her garden into a Fairy Garden.
Tabitha has been very busy at home – walking, cycling, enjoying the outdoors, making banana loaf, writing to her Nana, decorating boiled eggs, painting rainbow pictures…….what a busy bee!

Harley has been keeping fit by  doing Joe Wickes  and saving his Mum’s goals!
Eve had been learning her times tables whilst bouncing on the trampoline. She has also been doing lots of painting in the sunshine and adding to the village collection of stones.
Olivia dressed up a dog this morning to take part in Joe Wickes’ fancy dress Friday!  She has also been working hard at home to learn about the Solar system. She has written a beautiful poem and drawn a lovely picture to send to a home for the Elderly. This is very thoughtful!

Sophia has been busy cooking a lamb hot pot – looks delicious! She has also hidden lots of stones around the village for you to find. Happy searching!


Thursday 2nd April

Theo has made a Powerpoint presentation all about Lego. lego2
Isobel has been practising her measuring skills by making a Harry Potter Potion. She has also painted some flower pots as rainbows – very beautiful

Wednesday 1st April

Freya M has been learning about April Fool’s day. She found out that in 1957 the BBC put out a short film about trees that grew spaghetti from them. The public were told to place a sprig of spaghetti in a tomato sauce tin and watch it grow! Do you think that would work?
Archie has made a Powerpoint about Borneo and found out a new fact – Orangutan means man of the forest. BORNEO
Isaac has done a Powerpoint slide to share his 5 favourite books My 5 favourite books and recorded some parts of his favourite book.


Tuesday 31st March

Eli enjoying using cards to do his Maths work and recording himself read a book. 

Archie has a new fact to share with you that he has learnt from watching Steve Backshall – Did you know that a sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal. He also wrote a fantastic story using his toys – The Rock of Power
Georgia watched all of the Chester Zoo talks from the Live Zoo showing and  then made a superb Powerpoint to teach you all about the animals they have there. Chester Zoo
Theo has been working with his sister to learn part of the body.

Sophia has been making the most delicious looking Yorkshire Puddings!

IMG_4500 IMG_4493 IMG_4492

Monday 30th March

Annabelle having a wonderful time learning with her family at home! Loving the pink desk chair!


Imogen has made a fantastic Powerpoint to remind you to wash your hands! She has remembered all her ICT skills from class! She has also made a list of her top five books to take to a desert island. Coronavirus 1  Desert Island Books
Freya was inspired by our Nonsense poetry lessons in class and went on to write her own Nonsense Poem. She has used rhyming and syllables to make it flow. Have a read of  The Nacky Nock
Bea has been on Explorify ( a great Science website) and taken up the challenge of designing a new item of sportswear. Check out her swimming costume design. Beatrix Designing sportswear

Friday 27th March

Eli has been busy building an awesome den in his garden and made a fantastic game for his whole family to play.

Thursday 26th March

Dan has been busy painting stones and then hiding them around the village – have you found any whilst you have been out exercising? He has made a fantastic Chicken Sculpture and even got up close to an Owl!
Film of an owl in Dan’s garden – trim.D5B4C331-33F0-42A4-B7E5-D9728CA4BFE1

Isaac has been writing a story about a child and an adult swapping places. Have a read – All Change


Coming soon!

Click below to see our Two Year Long Term Plan. Please remember this is a projected map for two years and things may change. 

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