Year Three and Four

Mrs Butler       

Shelley Mitchell 

Our Class teachers are Miss Ellis (who teaches Monday to Thursday), Mrs Mitchell (who teachers on a Thursday afternoon) and Mrs Butler (who teaches on a Friday). 

Miss Ellis

Mrs Holder also supports us with our learning. 

Click below to see our Two Year Long Term Plan. Please remember this is a projected map for two years and things may change. 

Long Term Map Year 3 and 4 Year A and B

Click below to see our Maths and English Long Term Plans for the Year B (2020/2021):

Numeracy Long Term Plan 2020
Due to Partial School Closure the order of the Maths teaching may have changed as the children consolidated written methods and did length at home instead of Fractions and Decimals which has been moved to the Summer term. There also may be weeks in the Summer term where we revisit the learning from this period of time. 
Literacy long term map 2020 2021
EGPS overview 2020 21
Read Write Inc Year 3 and 4 Spelling 2020 2021

In Busy Bees Class during the Summer Term we are embarking on our ‘We are Artists’ project and at the start we will be discussing the provocation :

‘Nature is the Art of God’ Dante Alighieri

Over six hundred years ago the Italian author and poet, Dante Alighieri, said “Nature is the art of God.” As you look around, you see the beauty of what God has created and become in awe of his artwork. This beauty can be seen through our own eyes, through the lens of a microscope or even the Hubble Telescope. As we recognise and enjoy the beauty we see, we should offer thanks to the Artist who created it. The wise writer of Ecclesiastes wrote concerning God, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (3:11). Whilst we are connecting with nature, we are connecting with God the creator.
It is important that our children learn to respect the nature around us and to look after our planet and God’s creation. It will also encourage them to appreciate the surroundings of our school and the importance of the nature around us for their own mental wellbeing.
This project is also linked to a Mini-We are Scientists about Sound.

We are Artists Art and Music overview 2021

Light overview 2021

Other learning overview Summer 2021

In Year 3 and 4, your child will either be reading a Coloured Reading Scheme book or will have been moved on to Free Choice Reading book by the Classteacher. It is important that as well as listening to your child read, you also ask questions about the content of what they are reading and the language that the author is using. If your child is reading a coloured reading scheme book, these will be sent home regularly to support the teaching of reading in school; please help your child to be a successful reader by practising reading on a daily basis when possible. If your child is reading a free choice book, they may choose to take one home from school or read one that they already have at home. All children will have a reading chart. Please remember to issue a sticker or signature each time they read at home and remember that there are prizes for every reading chart completed throughout the year.

On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Mitchell will teaching the PSHE and ICT curriculum to our class.

On a Friday, Mrs Butler will be teaching the class. She will be teaching Handwriting; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; Whole Class Guided Reading and Religious Education.

On a Monday and Wednesday afternoon, the children will have PE lessons.  On these days, please allow your child to come into school dressed in their sports clothes and bring a spare pair of shoes incase they are outside on the field. 

Please remember to send your child in to school with a coat, water bottle and hand sanitiser (optional) each day.

As part of our school policy, children are encouraged to ‘Enjoy Learning Together at Home’ and learning opportunity grids can be found below. These include a list of suggested ways that you may choose to support your child at home. Also, please find links to useful resources for you to use at home if you wish to further your child’s enjoyment of learning at home. 

Homework and Learning at Home Sept 2020 Busy Bees Years 3 and 4
Busy Bees Learning Opportunities page Summer 2021
Year 2 Fractions Parent Workbook
Year 3 Fractions Parent Workbook 1
Year 3 Fractions Parent Workbook 2
Year 4 Fractions Parent Workbook
Year 4 Decimals Parent Workbook 1
Year 4 Decimals Parent Workbook 2
Helping your child with Spelling
Year 3 and 4 Common exception words (Orange words)
Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words (Red words)
Spelling frame website
TTRockstars Log in
TT RockStars parent help sheet
Sumdog Log in 
Read Write Inc Spellings Extra Practice Zone log in
Practise your Touch Typing skills at home 1
Practise your Touch Typing skills at home 2

100 Books to read for Year 3 and 4

100 Books 3 and 4 1
100 Books 3 and 4 2
100 Books 3 and 4 3
100 Books 3 and 4 4
100 Books 3 and 4 5

Click below to see our Long and Medium Term Plans for Year A (2019 2020):

Numeracy Long term plan 2019 2020
Literacy long term map 2019 2020
Read Write Inc Year 3 and 4 Spelling 2019 2020
EGPS overview 2019 2020
We are Scientists Autumn 2019
Other learning overview Autumn 2019
We are Artists Overview Spring 2020
Forces overview Spring 2020
Other learning overview Spring 2020
We are Explorers Overview Summer 2020
Electricity overview Summer 2020
Other learning overview Summer 2020
Rocks and soils overview
Busy Bees Learning Opportunities page Autumn 2019
Busy Bees Learning Opportunities page Spring 2019
Busy Bees Learning Opportunities page Summer 2020